dog owner problem solution


dog owners problem solution

You take that dog as your life comrade, accompanying you for their entire life span. However, receiving services from your best pal also requires mental, physical, time, and some budget investments. Dogs can live without us, wandering around the wild taking care of their own life. But you decide to take them with you, so you’re gonna take care of them no matter what.

Every dog owners have some common problems to face. Fortunately, we are living in an era where technology is served as a problem solver. Doggo loves to eat, doggo also loves to play. As a dog owner, sometimes, managing your private daily activities and making sure that your dog is happy doesn’t sound like easy stuff to do.

We have listed 5 common problems for dog owners along with some stuff to help you and your dog during some burdensome moments.

1. Where Does That Doggo Go?

As their natural behavior to track and go around the neighborhood, sometimes you wonder where is your dog going. As a good dog owner, you don’t want to put your dog home 24/7 so you decide to build that pet door. Unfortunately, your dog isn’t in your sight.

Whistle, a tech company for pets and data analytics, comes with Whistle 3. It has some helpful features like tracking your dog and alert you when your dog is leaving your safe territory. You might not want to look for your wandering dog forever, so you can connect the device to your smartphone and keep that dog in your control. The feature helps you to locate where your dog is and you can take that doggo home in ease.

Whistle 3

dog owners problem solution
Credit: Whistle

Some dogs might have a long walk alone. They keep going, finding some good stuff to play and they just go too far from home. Whistle 3 provide you a safe zone territory for your own customization. You can limit the zone for your wandering dog and Whistle 3 will alert you when that dog is leaving the zone. This feature is helpful when you just want to have leisure time in your house and don’t want to make some extra steps to look for your dog. When the alarm is activated, you can track and take your dog home.

With this tech, you save a lot of time and effort to find your dog outside. Thanks to Whistle 3, now you can leave your dog to play while you read in the park.

2. Wet Dog Bad Dog

Imagine your dog is home during raining time with wet fur and muddy paws. You would have some time to clean the mess from those paws and the dripping water. With Soggy Doggy towel, you can dry that wet dog. Their microfiber chenille material soaks up water and traps dirt, making your dog dry and clean.

Soggy Doggy Towel

dog owners problem solution

Okay, we have a solution for that wet fur but what about those paws? Soggy Doggy also have a doormat product to prevent the dirt from those paws marking your floor and furniture. It’s the perfect match for Soggy Doggy towel so you can wipe your dog on the doormat.

Soggy Doggy Doormat

dog owners problem solution
Credit: Soggy Doggy

If you think that the doormat is not what you want for those paws, you can have a PawPlunger. This mug-like product specializes in cleaning the mess from your dog’s paws. You would like to add warm water to it, no soap needed, and take those paws in PawPlunger. It really cleanses those paws in ease. The good news is, the product comes with size variations, so you can also get rid of the mud from your puppy, or maybe your Tibetan Mastiff.


dog owners problem solution

3. Fur, Fur, Fur Everywhere

Unless you cover your dog fully with clothes (which is awkward), you would expect a thin layer of white covering you stuff. This is bad for some people with an allergy to come to your house. Well, doggo is your best friend, but it doesn’t mean you make your ‘human friend’ avoid visiting you.

Most of the people get rid of fur from clothes with a sticky roller. Yes, it is very effective when it comes to cleaning the clothes but what about the floor and furniture? Well, I bet you have a vacuum cleaner solution in mind.

Some dogs may freak out while hearing the loud noise from a vacuum cleaner. Some dogs bark, run, hide, or looking at you with those sad eyes, which is an indicator when they feel uncomfortable. While it is not totally quiet, Shark APEX DuoClean is a good investment for you and your dog.

Shark APEX DuoClean

dog owners problem
Credit: Amazon

It is a high-end tier vacuum cleaner with an average of $350 price tag, but this vacuum cleaner is great when it comes for cleaning a mess from your dog. It has a 10-inch cleaning path which is very great to reach any spots in your house. Due to its small cleaning path, you might not consider taking it if you want to clean a wide area.

Having a vacuum cleaner with a small cleaning path probably doesn’t seem appealing for some people. But do not forget that we are talking about cleaning a dog mess, so we need a vacuum for reaching a deep spot. Shark APEX DuoClean has a soft roller on the front of the cleaning head, which helps draw messes into the path of suction rather than scattering them.

With its noise reduction technology, Shark APEX DuoClean is a relatively quiet vacuum and it is designed to reduce the noise and soften the pitch. While it is not guaranteed that your dog doesn’t freak out from its noise, it is a good choice instead of any other vacuum cleaners with no noise reduction. In addition, this vacuum cleaner can also cleanse the dog food mess on the floor if that doggo eats with chaos.

4. Oh, Crap!

Does your dog pee and poop outside the litter box? It is still frustrating to get rid of the dog poop outside the litter box even though you have been through a long happy journey with your dog. Taking out that big warm healthy dung from the floor doesn’t make your day.

Natural grass proves to be the option for dogs who have not liked other indoor options. DoggieLawn provides a litter box with real grass for reducing the possibility of your dog pooping elsewhere – DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty. It is definitely real living grass inside a cardboard container. The urine from your dog is instantly absorbed by the grass and the root system. Because of the real grass, you might need some more time to keep those alive. The grass needs enough sunlight for a longer usage unless you want to replace the grass once a week which costs you more.

DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty

dog owners problem solution

For our review, DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty is great for dogs but it’s burdensome for some owners who don’t want to have extra work. You want your dog happy? Grab it home. You don’t want to do too much effort for dog poop?  There’s a synthetic grass Sonnyridge Easy Dog Indoor Potty.

Sonnyridge Easy Dog Indoor Potty


dog owners problem solution

It is a synthetic grass litter box that provides your dog with a grass-like experience. The good point is, you don’t need to take care of the grass, and your dog might consider it a real one. The product is built in three layers for absorbing dog’s urine and you can collect it in a pan below.

However, some dogs attempt to eat synthetic grass. It is certainly concerning because sometimes you leave your dog alone and you don’t want that doggo to eat those fake grass.

5. Master is Home, Let’s Play!

You leave your dog home alone with those sad eyes. You work all day long leaving your best friend. You come home, tired, and that doggo jumps right in after you open the door. Tired master? Yes. Tired doggo? Not a chance.

Dogs have excess energy to burn if you leave them alone all day. The result is, the restored energy within your dog bursts at night when you home. Unfortunately, you are just too exhausted because you have done a lot of stuff during the day and you can’t play with your dog anymore.

iFetch, an automatic ball throwing play for dogs, has come for this issue. iFetch comes with a big funnel opening for inserting the ball and a ball launcher. When a ball is inserted, it will automatically launch the ball for 10, 20, or 30ft. Before using iFetch, make sure you train your dog to put the ball into the funnel opening on the top of the device.


dog owners problem solution

For making sure your dog plays with iFetch, leave some tennis balls around the device so your dog can play it. You don’t need to worry and feel too guilty when you leave your dog home alone, this device will be a good companion for your dog during a lonely time without you.

We have listed some tech solutions for your most common problem with your dog. Leave a comment below so we would know what you like about them and what you don’t.