AirPods 2
Credit: Apple

AirPods 2 is the next generation of wireless headphones that Apple recently launched. The shape is relatively the same as its predecessor, the first AirPods. The difference is that Apple added a number of new features and some updates in it.

The design is deliberately not changed from the previous generation in fact of it is still considered as popular design and attractive to users. However, you must be curious about what features and updates are embedded in AirPods 2. Let’s check it out!

Faster and Better Connection

The wireless connection of AirPods 2 is claimed to be faster and more stable. Because this device uses Apple H1 chips which are referred to special chips for headphone products.

The wireless connection speed compared to the previous generation is 1.5x faster for processing phone calls. It also 2x faster when changing to the active source music device.

The Apple H1 chip found on AirPods 2 also has a ‘Hey Siri’ feature that can be summoned by the user’s registered voice.

AirPods 2

Any single user does not need a double tap gesture or call via iPhone so that it is easier to make calls, change new tracks, adjust earphone volume, or listen to instructions when activating navigation.

On the outside, there is a small LED indicator when the AirPods are activated. AirPods 2 also supports the latest iOS version.

Apple H1 technology is also capable of better performance of lower gaming latency up to 30%. This feature will provide better audio quality when we play video games or listen to podcasts using AirPods 2.

Higher Battery Durability

Actually, the performance of AirPods 2 batteries is not much different from the previous generation. There is an increased rate of talk time to 50% or 3 hours on a fully charged battery.

It also has a specification of 5 hours listening time and a charging case that can store batteries for more than 24 hours on multiple charge sequence.

AirPods 2

AirPods 2 has supported a quick charging feature so that the battery can be fully charged quickly to each earphone. The charging time in the battery charging case is only 15 minutes for the use of 2 hours of talk time, and 3 hours of listening time.

In addition, Apple also added Qi wireless charging capabilities to AirPods 2 so users can recharge wirelessly with ease.

Automatic connection to Apple devices

The next feature of AirPods 2 is that it will connect automatically when the user has other Apple devices that are still in the same iCloud account.

However, there are limitations to the operating system; Devices that use a minimum of macOS 10.14.4, iOS 12.2 or watchOS 5.2. To be able to connect, of course, we have to log in to the same iCloud account on each device.

Two types of products are available at different prices

AirPods 2 consists of two types of products, based on the Charging Case used. The first type uses a Wireless Charging Case, with a price of $199. While the second type uses a standard case to charge the battery. This type of product is priced cheaper at $159.

This is our review of the new features found on AirPods 2. For those of you who already have the first version of AirPods, it’s better to reconsider if you want to buy this second version because there are not many new things presented when compared to the first AirPods.

Moreover, if the first version of your AirPods still rocks, we do not recommend upgrading to AirPods 2. Unless you have never purchased AirPods before, AirPods 2 products might be the right choice compared to the first version.