Powerbeats Pro
Credit: Beatsbydre

After the leaked animations and images in iOS 12.2 updates, Powerbeats Pro is now officially announced. Following the second-generation AirPods launch, the Powerbeats Pro has all of the similar features that Apple delivers with its exclusive true wireless earbuds. It includes:

  • Hands-free “Hey Siri” support
  • Sensors that pause the music when one of the Powerbeats Pro earbuds is taken out from your ear
  • H1 chip for much faster syncing and switching between devices
  • Android devices compatibility

Larger Battery, Longer Time Usage

Apple and Beats architects have managed to add a larger battery. For its size, Beats states that the Powerbeats Pro is 23 percent smaller and 17 percent lighter than the Powerbeats 3. If it’s accurate then this is incredible, specifically because the wireless earbuds are noted to last up to nine hours of usage.

USB-C: No | Lightning Jack: Yes

Beats put a Lightning jack on the Powerbeats Pro housing instead of USB-C. It’s not the first time the company has gone for it, Beats X also utilize Lightning. Powerbeats Pro can still charge pretty fast. Beats states you can have an hour and a half of playback with a 5-minute charging and four and a half hours after a 15-minute top off.

H1 Chip Is Also Available

Just Like AirPods, Powerbeats Pro also has Apple’s new H1 chip that supports Bluetooth 5. That guarantees Apple users receive the same fast-pairing feature and always-on Siri that lets you summon Siri by just saying “Hey Siri” instead of clicking a button. You can request Siri to increase and decrease the volume, and Apple Music users can ask Siri to skip tracks forward and back.

Physical Buttons On Each Side

There are also physical buttons on both earbuds for Powerbeats Pro. So, despite being left or right handed, you’ll have easy access to the same volume and track controls on each side.

Play/Pause Automation

Thanks to optical sensors, Powerbeats Pro will immediately pause when you take them out from your ears and resume playing when you put them back in position. Due to its secure fit, the hook makes Powerbeats Pro snug in your ears during heavy activities.

The Sound Quality Is Improved

Beats say they’ve enhanced the sound quality. Particularly, the earbuds produce powerful and balanced audio due to an entirely redesigned acoustic package. What does this do? Fortunately, it gives pure sound reproduction, enhanced clarity, and improved dynamic range.

Android Compatibility

Moreover, Powerbeats Pro is compatible with Android and Beats states you can expect the same battery life of up to nine hours on a charge. However, while Powerbeats Pro is compatible with Android devices, the feature is limited.

Price and Release Date

Powerbeats Pro is strongly in the high-end tier of true wireless earbuds. It is coming soon for a price of $250 and will be available in May at Apple’s online and retail shops. It will also be offered in four colors: ivory white, black, moss green, and navy blue.