Credit : xiaomi mi 10

The release of the latest Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile phone has also influenced by the spread of the coronavirus in China. The launch, which had initially been held before February 11, is said to be delayed.

According to the escape from @Xiaomishka Twitter account, this phone will be launched on February 13 in a big event via live stream.

Reportedly, not only the delay of the phone, Xiaomi will only broadcast mobile live stream nicknames online. According to the account, the first sale of the new Mi 10 device will be made the day after the launch, or on February 14, 2020.

However, the news has not been confirmed by Xiaomi.

Spotecno has collected some information from GSM Arena Tuesday (02/04/2020). This info is in line with the statement from Black Shark CEO Luo Yuzhou some time ago. Luo said that most likely, the latest black shark release will be carried out via live stream. Although it will be introduced on February 13, the leak also said that the Mi 10 Pro version would be launched on February 18.

Xiaomi Mi 10 is expected to be released globally at the MWC 2020 event later this month. Problem specifications, Xiaomi Mi 10, is known to be equipped with Snapdragon 865 chipset. But other specifications are still unknown. Several leaks say this phone will be equipped with a high-resolution camera that is 108 megapixels. This device is also said to have a 120 Hz screen.