Facebook Messenger dark mode
Credit: Facebook

Facebook introduced a dark mode feature for its Messenger app in 2018. However, it was only being tested by the selected users in a few countries at the time.

Facebook Messenger dark mode
Credit: Facebook

The feature was available as a hidden easter egg from the beginning of March. Fortunately, it has already been launched worldwide for everyone to enjoy. Dark mode can now be enabled as a standard setting without the need to jump through any particular steps.

How to Enable Dark Mode

Here’s what Facebook announced on April 15:

After a month-long Easter Egg activation with countless crescent moon emojis, we are excited to announce that everyone around the world will be able to activate dark mode in Messenger with a simple toggle switch from settings. The toggle is rolling out globally today.

To activate, simply tap your profile photo in Messenger to access your settings and toggle on dark mode to switch the chat aesthetic from white to black.

To find out if your device has been updated, just tap your profile pic in the top left corner of Messenger. Dark Mode toggle will be the first below your name.

Facebook messenger dark mode
Credit: Facebook

Dark Mode Multi-Purpose

If you are not familiar with Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger, it delivers multiple purposes:

  • Easier on the eye while you use it in the dark
  • Save your phone’s battery life
  • Darker tones might be your preference

So now you can head over to settings, let go of the light and fall into the dark side.