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Later, Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy Z Flip, a new foldable phone. We know this because many details have leaked in this regard. Also because Samsung has decided to show a few details about the whole damn phone and its work during the Academy Awards. Just released before announcing your phone and released a Galaxy Z Flip ad.

Oscars have always challenged Samsung, so it’s no surprise that it released an announcement this year. However, I wasn’t expecting a full revelation of the foldable cell phone!

Waiting for someone to be astonished by a telephone incident is no longer a valid strategy because everything is lost. So Samsung pulled a page from Google’s 2019 gamebook and started explaining the details. However, as with the shy Google photos that caused the Pixel 4 to appear, Samsung’s decision to post an announcement that the Z Flip increases the risks in a situation where bets (though not in question) are already quite high.

Samsung isn’t making a foldable phone for the first time, you know? So I know, because I have reviewed the Galaxy Fold twice, not once. This is because the first phone broke one day after it was switched on, not because I did something wrong. Samsung canceled the original launch, restarted the device, and then released it.

This kind of thing can’t happen again on Samsung – or rather, it’s better to be sure it won’t. Bets for Samsung are so obvious that I don’t have to edit them. In 2016, he survived the prestigious success of the explosive Note 7. Less dramatic but still a very embarrassing Fold survived the disaster. If there is a third high-profile fiasco phone in five years, people may start noticing.

Z Flip is not strange curiosities for the rich and tech-obsessed folding phones, and it may be one of the last possibilities that must prove that it may soon become the main product. It is increasingly clear that this Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr will also happen.

Spoiler alert: I am using a Razr, and I can tell you that the state of the foldable phones is currently erratic – literally, the screen is erratic, and Motorola says it is normal. He also says that the squeaking sound of the zipper is normal. Here’s a statement from the Motorola spokesperson:

“When you fold and unfold the Razr, you may hear a sound intrinsic to the mechanical movement of the phone. Razr has undergone a rigorous durability test, and the recorded sounds have no effect on the quality of the product.”

For registration, I and Motorola, we think we have different views on what should be included if we consider product quality.

Anyway, every foldable phone I’ve ever used shared the following features:

  1. A very high price.
  2. Zipper design that can cause problems if you get dirty, crash, or anything else.
  3. A very fragile screen.
  4. Software that doesn’t work as much as it should.
  5. An interesting design that suggests you can have a different and healthier relationship with your phone

To be honest, there are only two in the United States that can serve as an example for the above. Z Flip should be the third one, and the charm or consumers will justify the whole category for a while.

I don’t think Z Flip will have an answer for each of these bullet points. Actually, I know it won’t. The price is said to be around $ 1400. Samsung’s procession to the Oscars showed a hinged design similar to the hinge of the Galaxy Fold – including space when closed.
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But the rumor about the fragile screen is that Samsung finally finds a way to use glass instead of plastic. It will probably need to be so thin and flexible that it will not solve the problem of endurance in a crash, but it should help some.