We think that we need to do a Grammarly review as this tool really helps us to write our article. We also put Grammarly Free and Premium Version features for our review. The feature also includes Grammarly plagiarism checker tool.

But first, let’s take a look at the scenario below.

One day, you wrote an article. The article was so impressive that you were amazed by your idea. Before publishing or submitting your article, you realized that you need to check it.

However, the article was about 4,000 words long and it took too long to check your writing. Too much revision, your time is limited.

This is our main reason to use Grammarly. It helps us to save a lot of time in grammar stuff. Moreover, the precision is incredible.

If you want it on your laptop before reading the review, follow the steps below:

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  • Get Grammarly here

  • Click on Add to Chrome or Login

Grammarly signup

If you are using Google Chrome, clicking on Add to Chrome will let Grammarly install an extension on your Chrome.

This step will also make Grammarly do corrections for most of your writing in your Chrome. For example, we put the Grammarly extension on our Chrome and it even checks the writing in our Tweets, DMs, Messaging, and even WordPress Editor.

If you are not using Google Chrome or if you don’t want Grammarly to correct everything you write in Chrome, we recommend you to click on Login

  • After clicking on Login, click on Don’t have an account?

  • Type in your email. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google Account.

After you create an account, follow the steps below for a little setup:

  • Click on Account

  • Click on Customize

  • In Language Preference, choose which English that you use

There are four English options: American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.

If you are not sure what’s the difference between them, you can click on What’s the difference?

It will show some English words in different spelling.

Grammarly comes with Free and Premium version. Premium version will have you more features including Plagiarism Checker and Human Proofreader.

Free Version is an excellent option if you work mostly for writing.

In our opinion, the Free version is also a great choice if you just want to check grammar in your writing. It provides a lot of features for helping us to write.

Here are the features provided by Grammarly:

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Free Version:

Premium Version:

Now, why don’t we start by writing using the real tool? Don’t forget to check the login/signup tutorial at the beginning of the article.

Free Version

The first time you go to Grammarly Dashboard, you will see a New and Upload button.

Clicking on New will make you write or paste your text in the tool. If you click on upload, you can upload any files from Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Remember that the uploaded file must contain editable texts in it. Don’t try to upload a PNG or JPG file.

For example, we will paste our own writing in Grammarly and let’s see what it can do with the content. The Grammarly version we used in this test is the Free Version.

Set Goals for writing

When you write or paste your text in Grammarly, it will suggest you to Set Goals first. This is important so that Grammarly will show you the proper suggestion based on your settings.

If you don’t want Grammarly to automatically suggest you for your goals, disable the checklist on Show Set Goals when I start a new document.

As our writing is about Cinderella, this is our Set Goals settings:

The writing is about Cinderella, so we set it to Tell a Story. The Audience? Of course, General. We want everybody to understand the story. The Style is Informal and then we set the Emotion to Mild.

However, we can’t set the Domain feature due to its limitation to Premium Version only. It is General by default

This is what the tool shows us after a little setup:

As you can see from the picture above, Grammarly shows us there are eight alerts (four spelling errors, three grammar errors, and one punctuation error)

Performance stat

Below the Hide Assistant feature, there is also a Performance stat. Clicking on Performance will make Grammarly show your text scores.

We recommend you to make the Performance stat to reach 100% if possible. For improving your Performance stat, pay attention to the Alerts.


The Alerts feature in Free Version provides good and easy-to-correct suggestions just by a single click. It even shows the “Cinderalla” word as an incorrect spelling because its dictionary also contains some popular names for the suggestion.

As the Alerts feature really helps us for perfect writing. Make sure you check all of the alerts and correct it. If you think that the suggestion is incorrect, you can just ignore it or click the trash can icon at the top right corner.

After clicking on all of the Alerts suggestion, you can find that the Performance stat is also improved.

Before we click on all of the Alerts before, the Performance stat was 67. It is 85 now. The stat shows that our writing is improved by 18 points.

However, we can’t reach 100 points for Performance this time because there are still six additional writing issues. The rest of the issues can only be shown by having a Premium Version of Grammarly.


The other feature for improving our writing is Synonym. If you want Grammarly to show some synonyms suggestion for a word. Just double-click the word.

Take a look at the picture below:

We double-click the “limited” word and it shows some synonyms suggestion. If you want to replace your word with another, just click at one of the synonyms.

This feature really helps us in choosing the proper word. It makes some more additional vocabulary in our writing.

Premium Version

Grammarly provides some more features in its Premium Version. The additional features will have advanced grammar check for your writing.

For testing the Premium Version, we will also use the same text that we used for the Free Version before. We will also try to check what can it do for improving the Performance stat of our writing.

The Set Goals settings we use will also be the same as the previous ones. However, we put a new setup for the Domain into Casual as the feature is now unlocked for the Premium Version.

Let’s see what it shows us now.

All of the Free Version features are advanced

As the Alerts feature is now fully unlocked, we can also try to make the Performance stat hit 100 points.

When you see at the picture above, you can also notice that some yellow lines are underlining some of the words.

However, we will only click on Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation errors. The purpose is to see what Premium features give us to improve as these errors also appear in Free Version.

Take a look at the picture below:

There are three alerts left now. Two alerts for Variety suggestion and one alert for Consistency check.

However, Performance stat shows us something new. We thought that doing corrections for Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation errors will make us reach 85 points.

When you see at the picture above, the Performance stat hit 96 points. As the Premium Version provides advanced Free Version features, this is a remarkable result.

For the Variety suggestions, we find that this feature is actually an improved and automatic synonyms suggestion for the text.

There are two words for Variety suggestions – “beautiful” and “kingdom.” As we find that the suggestions don’t match our writing, we will dismiss both of them.

The next one is a Consistency check. We really like this feature as it suggests us to make our words to be more consistent in our writing. It will also make the text more readable as the readers won’t find any different words that actually have the same meaning.

As Grammarly also checks the whole text, it will find relations between words and make suggestions for us. The alert shows that there is an Inconsistent hyphenation in the text.

The words that get the Consistency alert are “stepmother” and “step-mother.” Neither of them appears in the Spelling error, meaning that both of the terms are correct.

While the form of the words is different, Grammarly suggests us to get only one form for the words. For this suggestion, we take the “step-mother” form.

We have now checked all the Alerts in our text. Let’s take a look at what happens now:

No more Alerts, flawless Performance. Awesome.

Grammarly tells us that the writing is now 100 points. We can also expect that it would be good to read.

Human Proofreader(?)

To be honest, we are still confused about why Human Proofreader feature in Premium Version disappeared from the tool.

In the Free Version, Human Proofreader feature is located above the Plagiarism Checker at the bottom right corner of the screen.

We are actually haven’t tried the feature yet because it doesn’t appear in our tool. When we click at the Human Proofreader feature in the Free Version, it will suggest you get Grammarly Premium.

We are very sorry that we can’t review this feature for you. We will try to reach Grammarly support to get the solution. The article will be updated once we get some information from them.

Plagiarism Checker

If you are a blogger, this is an awesome feature for you. You know that Google hates plagiarism and it will get rid of your content from the Search results or worse.

Even though you write your own article, sometimes you will find that there are still some plagiarism warnings in the text. As Googlebot crawls your content, it will also search for some plagiarism possibility on the other website on the internet.

We will test the Plagiarism feature by copying some random texts on different websites. The purpose is to see what the feature will do.

We take the first paragraph from The Verge. The second paragraph is from Tech Crunch and the third paragraph from Android Authority.

This is what shows us after we click on Plagiarism feature:

The result shows that 99% of the text contains plagiarism. It is not surprising as we copy-paste the whole text from three different sources.

If you click at the warning balloon, it will show you the information about the plagiarism percentage and a source link that contains the same content with yours.

This is the same link that we headed before copying the text before. From the warning, we can suggest that this is a correct source.

However, if you put attention at the first warning, you will see something go wrong.

The source link heads us to Syfeed even though we initially took it from The Verge. After checking the link for a while, we realized that The Verge is the source in that post.

While the source is the same, we wonder why Grammarly directs us to Syfeed. This might lead to confusion for some Grammarly users as people don’t really pay much attention to the post description.

However, the rest of the warnings match our source content. This feature will really help your writing as it will suggest you to modify before publishing.


We have used Grammarly since we started this site. It really helps us in writing and serves our audiences with readable contents.

For a reminder, you can get Grammarly at the top of this article. If you are too lazy to jump or reading the tutorial, you can also get it by clicking the link below.

Go to Grammarly

Grammarly will have proper suggestions for improving your writing. If you are familiar with SEO, you know that the readability score of content is something you must concern.

In 2019, some of the SEO experts have stated that Google will pay the most attention for the users when it comes to SEO. So, make sure that you provide your audience with the best readable content.

If you have any questions about Grammarly, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.