HTC finally stated on Facebook and Twitter when its flagship devices will receive Android 9 Pie. According to HTC, the U11 will have initial taste on Pie at some time this month. The U12 Plus will have Pie at some time in June and the U11 Plus will have the update in late June.

As you can notice from the embedded tweet, the U11 will be the first enhanced with Pie at some point just before the end of this month. Then the U12 Plus will follow in mid-June, with the U11 Plus joining the party in late June.

HTC smartphone owners have been waiting quite some time to grab a taste of Pie. HTC first announced the Pie rollout back in August 2018, when Google officially launched the update’s final public version. Ever since, only the Android One edition of the U11 Life has enjoyed Pie.

It’s lovely to finally experience Pie roll out to HTC smartphones, but it might be too late for those who have moved on.