Mate X
Credit: Huawei

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2019, Huawei Mate X is a completely new form element for Huawei that utilizes two screens that then fold together, turning into an 8-inch tablet. Huawei is applying an element called a Falcon Wing design for its folding system that enables the screen to fold from beneath to form the bigger screen.

One of the clearest early impression is just how comprehensive this device feels. It folds perfectly and seems like a device you could truly buy. It is Huawei’s FullView bezel-reduced screen that helps make this foldable smartphone look better than Samsung Galaxy Fold, which we simply had the chance to see far off. Only Samsung reputations got the privilege of getting hands-on with this smartphone.

Huawei Mate X moreover has some significant power supporting it up, with 5G, the new Kirin 980 chipset, and a sizeable 4,500 battery capacity.

1. Design and Display

Credit: Huawei

The best captivating feature of Mate X is, obviously, the foldable screen. Compared With Samsung Galaxy Fold with its single exterior screen and a separate one on the interior, Mate X has one 8-inch screen that folds down in order to offer you a 6.6-inch screen on the front and a secondary 6.38-inch screen on the back.

This is exactly where Mate X really is striking. Samsung’s single exterior screen in folded mode brings us back to the days of bulky bezel outlines and small displays, just when we came to favorable screen-to-body ratios on phones. Huawei steps forward with its FullView 8-inch display. Huawei has not stinted display quality here anyway. Since its OLED, colors pop and viewing angles are awesome. The body is plastic though and it is obviously would leave many fingerprints and smudges.

Huawei notes Mate X as “world’s slimmest” foldable smartphone. At a period when foldable smartphone is very much in their early stage, this is not the biggest-ever boast. Try folding Mate X and it does fold flat with only 11 mm thick. This is one svelte smartphone compared to Galaxy Fold which is 17mm thick.

The foldable display bends a full 180 degrees and afterward locks shut. There is a button on the top of the bar, below the cameras, that detaches the screen so it will be folded out. Even though we could not fold the smartphone ourselves, Huawei reps took care of that function. We are able to click that button which makes the display pop out. There is sure mechanical feedback to it, but somehow that feels right.

You can choose Mate X unfolded in either horizontal or vertical orientation. But unfortunately, since the aspect ratio is just about that of a square, it does not emphasize a distinction which way you hold the device. As a perk though, when you lay Mate X flat with the bar at the opposite end from where you are sitting, it kind of props the “top” of the display up, which may offer a fairly more ergonomic feel typing experience.

2. Camera

Credit: Huawei

Huawei sets a new triple Leica camera system here, even so, no specified details have yet been given out relating to the resolution it packs or exactly what is new. Considering Huawei’s current record of manufacturing some of the leading smartphone cameras around, assume this to an excellent snapper.

There ia no selfie camera, just a main triple camera around the backside. Everything is not lost for you though. As the rear screen doubles up as a viewfinder including acting as a mirror for when you take a picture of someone, which should definitely make taking selfies a much better experience, given the fact that rear cameras are often superior in quality to selfie shooters.

3. Battery

Credit: Huawei

Mate X comes with a 4,500 mAh battery within, which is separated with each part sitting in either side of the folding parts. That is a serious battery, but there is also big foldable screen to operate, so it will be exciting to check out what kind of endurance this thing provides.

Huawei’s 55W SuperCharge feature, which debuts with Mate X, not only outshines the 40W charging in Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but it can also power up Mate X  from 0% to 85% in just half an hour. Huawei also stated you will be able to charge one of it MateBook laptops with the same charger.

Hardware and Software

Credit: Huawei

You are going to have a Kirin 980 7nm chipset inside, paired with the Balong 5000 5G modem for 5G speeds of 4.5 Gbps theoretically. In real terms Huawei claimed you will be able to download a 1GB movie in three seconds, that being said, this will vary depending on what type of 5G network you get on. This number is a theoretical greatest speed you can acquire.

Huawei claims that Mate X as “the world’s fastest foldable 5G phone”. It is a statement Samsung might disagree with, since its Galaxy Fold that will provide 5G connectivity, although only in one version. EMUI, Huawei’s custom UI that rests on top of Android, is probably at the core of the experience, and there were some exclusive new features that shine through, especially around split-screen multitasking.

Huawei Mate X’s sale date beginning in specific markets around June or July. Huawei mentions it is not announcing sale markets before 5G networks start taking off. Due to tensions with the US government, it is unsure that Mate X will distribute in the US. However, the cost convert is estimated to US$2,600, ₤2,000 or AU$ 3,660.

This looks like it will be awesome no matter if it’s folded down into a smartphone or unfolded into a tablet. There will be issues– this is indeed a first-gen product. But in the case that you are prepared on grabbing a foldable smartphone this year, then Mate X is surely the one to pick.

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