Credit: OnLeaks / DigitIndia

Even though we are still months away from the launch of the new iPhone, a number of leaks have been everywhere for several weeks. According to Techradar, the new iPhone 11 is predicted to launch on September 10.

We are still waiting for Apple to announce its plan about the upcoming device. Remember that all the leak images below and the predicted launch date are not guaranteed yet. Enjoy!

As you can see from the images above, the most recognized element in the upcoming iPhone 11 is its camera. The images mainly show the triple rear camera and a smaller notch on the display.

However, the render from Compareraja shows that the rear camera is located on the center of the phone’s back. While it looks like a single camera, it actually has triple camera feature in horizontal alignment.

To put your focus on the upcoming camera feature of the upcoming iPhone 11, here we also provide you a leak from WeiboAccording to the source, this is the part of a chassis of iPhone 11:

iPhone 11
Credit: Weibo

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Image sources: CompareRaja | DigitIndia | CashKaro | Weibo