Motorola RAZR
Credit: Yanko Design

Motorola is planning on reissuing the iconic phone design of the early 2000s through Motorola RAZR. This topic is also increasingly being rumored in the public and the leak of Motorola RAZR clamshell design appears in the media.

Based on the latest rumor, Motorola RAZR will come with the combination of flip and foldable screen. It will be equipped with a 6.2-inch LCD display in 22:9 aspect ratio when the screen is unfolded. The display of this smartphone has 2,142 x 876 pixels resolution with an OLED panel.

Similar to its predecessor, Motorola RAZR is expected to come with an additional exterior small screen (800 x 600 pixels resolution). This screen is attached to show notifications when the cellphone is folded.

Credit: Yanko Design

Motorola RAZR doesn’t have a high-end Snapdragon 855 chipset built-in. Due to the reduction of the production cost, Motorola RAZR only uses Snapdragon 710 as its chipset. The RAM for this smartphone is also rated as standard which is only 4GB and 6GB, but the storage is fairly enough (64GB and 128GB).

According to the rumor, Motorola RAZR will use Android 9 (Pie) as its OS. The battery capacity of this smartphone is fairly low, which is only 2,730 mAh. This capacity is stated as ‘small’ for a foldable smartphone. Motorola RAZR is expected to carry the codename Voyager“. According to the rumors, the price offered for folding phones is quite fantastic which starts from $1,500. This price is nearly $500 less than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

There are so many Motorola RAZR leaked designs, specs, and prices around the web, so the exact model and specs of this smartphone is not guaranteed. We will keep our post up to date once the rumor is settled.