Smartwatch is a great wearable device to stay connected to your smartphone without taking it out from your pocket. This time, Samsung comes with a new patent to let you twist your smartphone on your hand!

With the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold which has two screens and can transform into a tablet-like device, Samsung is working in a new patent of a wearable twist smartphone. Unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold, this new patent folds your smartphone into a circular pattern with magnets on each end to seal the phone once you wear it on your wrist.

Credit: Letsgodigital

Spotted on LetsGoDigital, this new patent appears with a tall and slender display. The top section of the phone seems unfoldable and might be the section where the electronic core is located.

Credit: Letsgodigital

The confusion comes with the size of the smartphone. While any wearable devices like smartwatch are adjustable to put it comfortably on your wrist, this new Samsung patent seems it has no adjustable wrist size and might be not the most comfortable one to wear.

It is interesting how Samsung makes most parts of the phone bend. For this new patent, Samsung might use a flexible battery to put it in the foldable part of the phone. Although Samsung has announced its foldable smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Fold, the battery in the Galaxy Fold has two batteries located on each foldable part. So this patent most likely will adopt a flexible battery in it.

The launch of this device is still not guaranteed. As companies patent ideas for future developments, we might see the element of this patent in the upcoming device.