USB has come a long way since its origin as a port for mouse, keyboard, printer, and hard disk. Now we are taking a new step for the new USB generation – USB 4.

While the name of this new generation USB has not officially announced yet, USB 4 will get the speed boost up to two times more than USB 3.2 (20Gbps).

USB 4 will reach 40Gbps, useful for heavy data tasks such as editing video on the external hard drive or connecting a couple of 4K monitors. The 40Gbps speed will not be fully reached with any devices, it is still up to to the specs and the usage of the device itself.

Well, you don’t need to connect your smartphone to a couple of 4K monitors, do you?

The speed boost of USB comes from Thunderbolt 3 ability by Intel. The first Thunderbolt debuted in 2011 without a promising prospect for becoming the standard.

However, Apple supported Intel Thunderbolt technology and it started to spread to windows device in 2012. In 2019, hundreds of device models support Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt-equipped device cost is coming down.

Unfortunately, not every device support Thunderbolt. While USB 4 seems promising with its 40Gbps speed, the device to support Thunderbolt is also necessary to make USB 4 works.

Intel, the company which developed Thunderbolt, has made a new Ice Lake generation chips to support Thunderbolt 3 directly starting 2019. So, it seems that more devices will be able to use Thunderbolt.