Spotted in ETNews, a South Korean news site, Samsung may get rid of all external buttons with capacitive pads on its upcoming Samsung Note 10 flagship smartphone.

Watch the video to take a look at the Galaxy Note 10 features from TechTalk based on ETNews report.

ETNews reports the power and volume buttons are going to be removed and that ‘ForceTouch‘ sensors by NDT may substitute them.

Translated version of the report.
Credit: ETNews

Moreover, Samsung will also replace out buttons for capacitive pads on some of its mid and low-end smartphones in its lineup, such as the Galaxy A series, industry observer told ETNews.

With no button around the device, Galaxy Note 10 would really look sleek and smooth. A video from DBS Designing also shows a Galaxy Note 10 concept with no front camera on the screen. The front camera is attached on the S Pen, it creates an impressive screen-to-body ratio of the device.

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