Facebook F8 2019
Credit: Facebook

Oculus has already announced the release date of Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest during Facebook F8 2019 event. Announced by Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the devices will be available on May 21.

Both of them are priced at $399 and you can start pre-ordering them starting today. You didn’t read it wrong, both of the devices will be started at the same price.

Oculus Quest
Credit: Oculus

Rift S and Quest will be shipped through Oculus’ site and its retail partners. You can check them at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. After the release, Microsoft will also offer the demo of Rift S and Best Buy will provide Quest’s.

If you already have an Oculus device and you want to upgrade to Oculus Rift S or Quest, you don’t need to upgrade your PC. Oculus doesn’t change the recommended specifications for its newest devices, which is a good news if you want some more VR experience.

During the shipping of the newest devices, there was also a report for some weird Easter eggs inside Rift S and Quest controller. If you are ‘lucky’ enough, you might get one.

Please take a note that the price for Oculus Quest is a starting price. It is $399 for the 64GB variant and you need to invest $499 for its 128GB variant. So what are waiting for? Start your pre-order now!

Pre-order at:

Oculus Official Site Amazon Walmart Best Buy