OnePlus 7
Credit: @Steven_Sbw

With its new Youtube video, OnePlus introduced a water resistant feature in the upcoming OnePlus 7 without an IP Rating. OnePlus also explains that its plan to not having an IP rating is to save your money. Well, you know that having an IP rating will make a smartphone costs more and OnePlus doesn’t want that.

As the tagline in the video, “Water resistants for phones cost you money” and OnePlus stated that its new devices will come with no IP rating but will be waterproof. In the video, a OnePlus device is plunged into a water bucket but you are not advised to do it at home.

However, OnePlus is doing a great job by bringing a waterproof phone without an IP rating but it is not safe if you bring it for swimming. Meaning that the upcoming devices will endure water on its body but not for too long.

In a forum post, OnePlus also explains that their feature doesn’t warranty the water damage. Just like other IP rating smartphones, having them waterproof doesn’t guarantee you to dunk them 100% safely in the water whenever you want.

Moreover, we will see everything about OnePlus 7 series on May 14 during its launch. We also have some OnePlus 7 rumors and leaked images for your anticipation before its launch. Stay tuned to us to have the next update about OnePlus 7 series!