Google Pixel 3
Credit: Flipkart

Google will problably announce Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL on May 7 during Google I/O 2019. Today, India e-tailer, Flipkart, puts a hint that Pixel 3a series will launch later on May 8.

The teaser in Flipkart’s website has the same ‘help is on the way’ tagline. The same tagline can also be seen on Google Store and it has been there for a few weeks.

Google Pixel 3 launch
Credit: Flipkart

According to the rumors, Pixel 3a will be armed with a Snapdragon 670 and 4GB RAM. It might also come with a 5.6-inch FHD+ OLED 18.5:9 display. Moreover, Pixel 3a XL might come with a larger 6-inch FHD+ OLED 18.5:9 display and armed with a Snapdragon 710. Both of the devices will also come with the same RAM and Internal Storage capacity (32/64GB).

However, this Flipkart teaser is not the only hint related to Pixel 3a. Spotted on FoneArena, Filpkart has also made a teaser with ‘Losing sight after twilight’ tagline. This teases the Night Sight camera in Pixel 3a series camera for us.

These ‘Lite’ Google Pixel will have the same camera specs as Pixel 3. This is actually interesting as the upcoming series will make their appearance in the mid-range smartphone lineup. The launch of these ‘Lite’ version could disrupt the mid-range market with their top-tier cameras.

Unfortunately, we can’t get any information about their price. But we will know it for sure this week. Stay tuned to us for getting more information about the upcoming Google Pixel 3a series.