Powerbeats pro
Credit: 9to5mac

Just a few days ago, rumors broke that Apple was developing a truly wireless version of its Powerbeats sports earphones, and now, the first images of the earphones – called the Powerbeats Pro – leaked out in the just-released iOS 12.2 updates, via 9to5Mac.

Airpods + Powerbeats3 Design

Animations and images that display Powerbeats without having any sort of connecting wire are discovered in iOS 12.2. In terms of design, they’re about the same to Powerbeats3 but truly wireless just like AirPods. The glyphs reveal Powerbeats Pro in black and white color variations.

The Powerbeats Pro show no wire attached and are housed in a Beats-branded charging case that will supply power and a place to pack the Powerbeats when not in use. It’s still unclear when Apple schedules to release the Powerbeats Pro, but with images available in iOS 12.2, they could arrive pretty soon.

Expected to Come With H1 Wireless Chip

According to the early rumor, the Powerbeats Pro earphones will also come with Apple’s new H1 wireless chip that the company introduced together with the second generation AirPods that it launched recently, which Apple claims it offers improved connectivity and battery life, alongside ‘Hey, Siri‘ support.

Shipping Would Start Sooner

There’s no report yet concerning the price or release date (rumored in April) for the Powerbeats Pro earphones, but thinking about the quite finished-looking renders already provided in iOS 12.2, we probably won’t have long to sit tight before Apple officially announces them.