pubg mobile ban
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PUBG Mobile has faced ban in several countries including China. It’s a common sight that we see everyone plays PUBG with their phones wherever and whenever they get a chance. Mobile gaming is a never-ending trend and it has been an addiction for many people.

Remember that we talk about PUBG Mobile here, not the PC PUBG. While players can’t play PUBG with their PC everywhere, PUBG Mobile is much more easily accessible due to its mobility. This has also been an issue for a lot of parents as their kids play PUBG Mobile for most of their time.

Several weeks ago, PUBG had made a ‘Health Reminder‘ for PUBG players in India. This reminder aims for the players who have played the game for 6 hours a day and stop them to play for a while. However, this reminder didn’t work well as players in India complained the company and PUBG Mobile took back its reminder.PUBG health reminder

In China, PUBG Mobile has been banned completely and it has been replaced with its own PUBG-like game. Before the ban, China has 70 million active PUBG players daily. With several country bans PUBG Mobile, Tencent is going to make a new feature to remind players about their playing time in the app.

What’s the feature?

According to PUBG dev team, this new feature will help players to notice how much time they have played the game. Moreover, this feature will also encourage players to take a break after they play for too long. This new feature will help a lot of players for realizing that playing too much will have a harmful impact on themselves. It is Gameplay Management.

However, reminding players doesn’t seem an efficient way to stop PUBG addiction for them. You might realize that this feature is similar to ‘Health Reminder’ that once launched in India. PUBG is trying to avoid the ban because of players addiction. This is actually funny.

Game developers are trying so hard to promote their games so people can play it. PUBG Mobile has accomplished this goal. In 2019, PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile game worldwide. This is something that every game developers want to achieve but it becomes PUBG’s issue.

Video games will bring violence?

video game violence

You might have heard that video game will make players do violence in real life. Some memes on the internet have also countered it by saying that it won’t be. This is actually true. You might have a friend playing GTA 5 all the time without carrying a machine gun on his way to school. Video games won’t make people do violence in real life but will give you addiction to play.

The game addiction is real and the world is now trying to fix this issue. PUBG is one of the main subjects when it comes to game addiction. It’s difficult to see your cousin who is still under 18 to play a shooting game most of his time. You might be worried, but you are not worried as much as his parents.

The fact is, video game won’t make you do violence, it will actually make you do nothing. However, this case will only happen for those who play video games too much. There are also some people who play games on their phone but they have good time management. A lot of people play PUBG but they have no addiction for it.

Kids addiction for PUBG Mobile

kids smartphone addiction
Credit: Wavebreak Media Ltd

While some grown-up people might have good time management with playing mobile games, kids most likely don’t acquire this feature in themselves. With PUBG ban in several countries, PUBG is actually not the real issue, the players are.

It all started with parents who are worried about their kids to play the game too much. What’s the game? You know it. As the most popular mobile game in the world, kids are also playing this game a lot. You know PUBG won’t face any ban if players know how to manage their time to play the game.

So, the main problem is not the game itself but the players. This is the main reason why PUBG doesn’t change its gameplay. The only thing you need to do to avoid the ban is to have good time management for the game. That’s why PUBG will launch the ‘Gameplay Management’ feature soon. To help players around the world to realize that they have played too much.

Adults will most likely understand this new feature. As a grown-up, you need to do something besides playing games. What about kids? Well, we know that the best thing to do when reminding kids is to remind their parents first. A reminder that pops directly on the screen won’t actually make a great impact on kids.

PUBG’s gaming advisory for players under 18

In the future, players under 18 will be forced to agree on a ‘gaming advisory’ in PUBG Mobile app. However, this feature is still unclear this time. The advisory might force kids to agree with some points during playing time.

With the ‘Gameplay Management’ that might be effective for adults, this won’t be that effective for kids. The advisory might imply something strict for kids as playing games too long for kids have much more impacts than for adults.

Gameplay Management actually has rolled out in Asia and North Africa. This feature will also roll out globally worldwide soon.


If you have never played PUBG Mobile before, stop blaming the game. The game is great and becomes a worldwide phenomenon as it attracts a lot of players in it. However, most of PUBG Mobile players don’t manage their time properly for playing the game.

If you are a PUBG Mobile player, from now on, manage your time. It’s funny to let your phone reminding you about your time management. While a lot of people love PUBG, this love is too blind. A lot of players complained about the ban, however, the real issue is in the players.

For your own good, manage your playing time.