Samsung Firevase

Even though it might look like something from a video game, the Firevase is incredibly true. Samsung Firevase is developed by Samsung subsidiary Cheil Worldwide. It was made with the challenge of getting more residence in South Korea to have conveniently accessible fire safety equipment. The Seoul-based Chaebol (South Korean conglomerate) is now handing out 200,000 of the vases to members of its insurance program.

It All Started by a Goshiwon Case

Living areas in South Korea, including the low-budget and communal rooms called ‘Goshiwons‘, commonly present fire hazards. When a Goshiwon combusted last year in Seoul, the dorm-like facility didn’t even sprinklers simply because existing safety standards are not utilized retroactively to aging structures. Seven people passed away. Additionally, no fire-extinguishing system operated in the spot in a small hospital in southern South Korea where 37 passed away.

“I am too ashamed to say again that this kind of thing will never happen again,” Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon told back then. In South Korea, the role of prime minister is equal to that of vice president.

In South Korea, Samsung’s scope spreads much further than in the U.S., and the company also deals with insurance via Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. As an insurance provider, Samsung conducted a survey of the country which discovered that 58 percent of residential did not own a fire extinguisher since 2017, despite a present law mandating them.

Samsung Begins The Campaign

Dealing with structural challenges, the ‘Firevase’ is a social-media ready solution for fire safety. While it looks like a normal-beautiful-vase, it can certainly be broken to release the magical stash of potassium carbonate inside. An oxygen suppressant, potassium carbonate is globally noted as a dry fire retardant. A version called Purple K is the only dry chemical agent noticed by the National Fire Protection Association.

When released, the Samsung-Cheil version of the potassium carbonate, which is colorless, instantly acts to eliminate the nearby fire. An ad last year demonstrating its potentials through Korean celebrities went viral, currently more than 8 million views.

The vases initially began production around that time, with Cheil developing them and Samsung Insurance delivering 10,000 vases. “The idea behind Firevase is simple: raise awareness to the very important public safety issue of home fire safety while drawing a direct line between that effort and Samsung Fire & Marine’s fundamental brand philosophy of always good and always nearby,” said Oh Hyung-Kyun, a creative director with Cheil Worldwide, at that time.

Nowadays, the company is aiming to expand its program. “With the strategy to equip Koreans that were indifferent to fire safety with fire extinguishers, we created one that was unique so it would increase their desire to have one,” Samsung explains in a press release.

The idea is not entirely genuine. The Elide Fire Ball, as an example, was applying the same principle in 2016. Still, it is better if more people practice fire safety.