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Samsung has already released Galaxy Buds on March 8. This product seems to be a tough competitor for Apple’s AirPods. There are several advantages of Galaxy Buds when it compared to AirPods 2, starting from the price, design, and audio quality.

So which one is better between AirPods 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds? Here we show you our thoughts. See the description directly below!

1. The Buds Snug in Your Ear

AirPods 2 has a design like ordinary earphones. Not much different from the EarPods that we have known since the iPhone 5. The difference is, AirPods 2 uses a wireless connection while EarPods still uses cables. Some people consider AirPods 2 to be less comfortable to use in activities that have lots of motion, such as running or aerobics.

Credit: Samsung

While Galaxy Buds has an IEM (In-Ear Monitor) design with rubber tips that keep it attached to the ear hole so it is safer for activities that contain a lot of motion. Galaxy Buds also comes with wingtips size variants so you can adjust them according to your needs.

2. Better Connectivity with Different Types of Devices

AirPods 2 has a cradle that is often used as a joke because its shape is similar to one of the dental floss products. But even though some people underestimate its shape, the cradle of AirPods 2 has a design that makes it easy to open with just one hand.

Credit: Samsung

While Galaxy Buds has a cradle design that looks like a medicine box, flat and simple. However, the design of Galaxy Buds’ cradle is rather difficult to open with one hand, not as easy as the cradle on AirPods 2.

Credit: Samsung

But for connections, Galaxy Buds has a pairing mode that is very simple and easy to connect with various types of devices. As for AirPods 2, the pairing mode is only easy for fellow Apple devices but not for other types of devices that are not Apple’s devices.

 3. A lot of Color Options

Apple has never released earphones with colors other than white, except the only handsfree for iPhone 2G. As you know, Apple AirPods 2 has only one color available – white.

Credit: Samsung

While Galaxy Buds has three different color choices that can be adjusted to your taste – white, black, and yellow. Yellow is certainly suitable for those of you who like festive colors and are rather striking.

4. Better Audio Quality

Credit: Samsung

AirPods 2 will feel a little less powerful and the audio feels a little dull compared to Galaxy Buds. For those who like to listen to music or watch movies through a gadget, Galaxy Buds can certainly be a suitable choice.

5. Cheaper Price

AirPods 2 products are officially sold at a price start of $159. While Samsung Galaxy Buds costs around $129. Galaxy Buds can certainly be the right choice for users who want a feature-rich earphone device but not too expensive.

Those are some comparisons between AirPods 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds and actually, each product has its own advantages. But personally, we find that Samsung Galaxy Buds is better than Apple AirPods 2 because it has several advantages that are suitable most of the users.

Especially for those of you who often do heavy activities, Galaxy Buds can be the right choice.

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