Unlike its Apple iOS app, Snapchat for Android has frequently come up with lots of issues from its sluggish performance to a kind of app-crashing bugs. CEO Evan Spiegel announced that a complete rebuild update was in the project as far back as 2017. In February, he stated that the company was planning to launch before the end of the year.

We anticipated the new features introduced during the Snap Partner Summit 2019 a few days ago. However, Snapchat has announced on Twitter that the new rebuilt app is ready to launch, complete with a lovely little GIF.

According to the tweet, Snapchat is presenting its rebuild for Android yesterday.

This is Snapchat’s recent effort to stabilize Snapchat’s user base, which will help to secure Snap shares. The officials are expecting that the newly found traction could help expansion in international markets and better fight rivals for Instagram and Facebook