Huawei has already partnered with Snapchat to provide better photo and video quality when using the new flagships. So what kind of upgrades should you anticipate?

Huawei P30 Series is the company’s most superior camera smartphones to date: Advancements like the Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor and SuperZoom Lens empower Huawei to forge ahead of not only photography, but also videography.

Snapchat Improvements for Huawei P30 Series


Furthermore, there is additional optimization coming where the ultra wide-angle camera on Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will also soon have exclusive features for Snapchat users. Unfortunately, these new features are not revealed yet for now and will most likely arrive via a software update.

This is definitely big news for Android users that would need a proper Snapchat experience and can afford the new P30 series of smartphones. Snapchat also particularly mentions that these makeovers will reach the Middle East, but you’d expect that these changes will come to the rest of the world too. Anyway, we’re thankful to find Snapchat taking notice of Android in the past year or so.

No Plan for Having a P30? No Problem

The company is in the halfway of rolling out a reworked Android app also, so you will experience an upgraded app even though you don’t have a Huawei smartphone.