Snapchat not working
Credit: Snapchat

Snapchat just launched its reworked app for Android weeks ago. While this is a totally new update, some users report having some issues like app crashing and lagging during their snapping.

For those who are unlucky enough to have such issues in Android or iOS, we have put together a list to help you fix them. Follow the guide below and we hope you’ll be able to fix any Snapchat issues you might have right now.

1. Snapchat is down?

When you think your app is not working properly, you might consider that this happens to everyone. There are two places to check such issues for your Snapchat

  • Down Detector site
  • Snapchat Support Twitter account

You can head to Down Detector’s Snapchat page to check if the app is down for everyone. This page will show you ‘No problems at Snapchat’ or ‘Problems at Snapchat’. If there are problems, then you need to wait until the dev team fixes the issues.

You can also check the Live Outage Map to find out if the issues occur in specific regions.

If you are not sure enough about the result, there is a comment section on the page. Usually, the users’ report will flood up in the comment section if there are any major issues in the app.

The second option is to check the official Snapchat Support account on Twitter.

It always provides you the updated information if there are any issues in the app. So you might consider following if you want to stay updated.

2. Reopen Snapchat app or update it

If Snapchat is working for everyone but you, then you might consider to close the app and reopen it. Remember, you should close the app properly instead of jumping to your home screen.

Still having the issue? Try logging out and logging back in. This will re-sync your account to the server and may fix the problem.

Do not forget to check if there are any updates for the app. Open Google Play Store or App Store to check for Snapchat update. The outdated app tends to have a lot of bug issues.

3. Check your connection

If the app or some tabs are not loading, maybe your internet connection is the problem. Try turning off data or enable the ‘Airplane Mode’ for a while and then turn it on again.

If you are using Wi-Fi, consider to move closer to the router or reset it. After that, check if your Snapchat is working properly.

Disable your VPN

For those using a VPN, please enable it while opening the app. Snapchat might stop working if it detects any third-party app, especially VPNs.

4. Enable App Permissions

Have you tried every step above? If you have tried them then check your App Permissions in Snapchat App. This happens a lot for new users who just signed up the app.

You can also edit permissions in the app through these steps:

  • Open Snapchat

  • Tap on your Profile icon (it’s on the top left corner)

  • Tap Settings icon

  • Scroll down, Tap on Permissions, it’s in the PRIVACY tab

The missing permissions show ‘Tap to enable’ detail on it. Do it and adjust your permissions for Snapchat.

5. Clear App cache

Most of the apps download some types of data into your storage automatically. The app can stop working if there are any corrupted data in those files. Clear the cache to clean up your app. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data in the app.

What you need to do:

  • Open Snapchat

  • Tap on your Profile icon

  • Tap on Settings icon

  • Scroll down until you find Clear Cache and Tap on it

  • Tap Continue

6. Restart your phone

You know what to do.

7. Additional Guide

Sometimes, you would experience that the app is working properly but the snaps aren’t sending. If your connection is fine but you can’t send anything to your friends, you need to clean your Conversations and Friends tab.

Clearing conversations in Snapchat

Remember that this step will remove all received and sent Snaps. So do it with your own risk.

What you need to do:

  • Open Snapchat

  • Tap on your Profile icon

  • Tap on Settings icon

  • Tap on Clear Conversation, it’s in the PRIVACY tab

  • Select the conversation you want to remove, tap on Clear to confirm

Try to send any Snap before doing the next step.

Removing Friends

If you have cleared the conversations but the snaps are still not sending, try to remove your Friend. Don’t worry, you can just add them back immediately. Remember that removing a friend will also remove any received and sent Snaps. Do it with your own risk.

What you need to do:

  • Open Snapchat

  • Tap on your Profile icon

  • Tap on My Friends

  • Select the Friend you want to remove

  • Tap on their Profile icon

  • Tap on that checklist blue circular icon

  • Tap on Remove Friend

That’s our guide on what to do if your Snapchat is not working. If you have tried all the steps above but none is fixed, you still have hopes. Contact Snapchat Support by clicking on the link below.

Contact Snapchat Support