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Another product that will not come as a surprise at the Samsung Unpacked event next week. The leaks have already told us what to expect from the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip phones. And now we know more about the headphones that Samsung plans to announce next week.

These will be the Galaxy Buds Plus, and its presence has already been revealed, thanks to a leaked ad that promises a free pair of wireless headphones to anyone who has booked the Galaxy S20. A few leaks not only confirm the existence of the Galaxy Buds Plus but also explain what has changed since the Galaxy Buds that came out last year.

First, there is confirmation of the arrival of the Galaxy Buds Plus, which was provided with the permission of the Apple App Store, where the complementary Galaxy Buds Plus app suddenly appeared. IOS app for Galaxy Buds Plus app lets you adjust audio settings, check battery status, and find wireless headphones. The app works with iPhone 7 and above, so we can assume that Galaxy Buds Plus will do as well.

We shouldn’t get too close to the new earbuds, as the leaky Evan Blass tweeted a datasheet that compares the new headphones to the previous ones. In this process, Galaxy Buds Plus innovations confirm many rumors we’ve heard about the audio accessory, expecting they offer longer battery life and better call quality than the original Galaxy Buds.
(Image credit: Evan Blass/Twitter)

Galaxy Buds Plus will increase $ 20 over the standard Galaxy Buds to cost $ 149. Here’s a closer look at what’s new in Galaxy Buds Plus and the benefits of this extra $ 20 thanks to the loss of Blass features.

Longer battery, and fast charging: Although the Galaxy Buds Plus is the same size as the original Buds, the new models get a larger battery – 85 mAh versus 58 mAh in last year’s headphones. This innovation should only add 5 hours of playtime to the headphones, says the spec sheet; When you connect the Galaxy Buds Plus with the charging case, you can count on a 9-hour increase in battery life. Talk time increases from 2.5 hours to 7.5 hours only with Galaxy Buds Plus; Add the case, and you should get a 15-hour, 4-hour increase in Galaxy Buds.

The larger battery also seems to add extra weight. The new Galaxy Buds weigh 6.6 grams and 5.6 grams for the original Galaxy Buds. This part of the ounce is a difference.

Charging times should also be faster, and the datasheet will promise 60 minutes of play after 3 minutes of charging. The oldest shoots needed 15 minutes to give 100 hours.

Sound Audio improvements: Call quality was one of our few complaints about Galaxy Buds, so Plus adds a second external microphone with a built-in microphone. The original model had only one external and one internal microphone. The speaker now includes a woofer and tweeter for a 2-way dynamic sound, an improvement over the premise of Galaxy Buds Plus.

Exclusive Spotify Controls (Dedicated for Spotify): A new button combines Play, Pause, Skip, and Volume levels in the original Galaxy Buds. The Plus version includes Spotify controls as part of the headset touchpad.

Multiple device support: As confirmed by the arrival of the app for iOS, you will be able to control Galaxy Buds Plus from an iPhone in addition to the current Android app for Galaxy Buds. According to the datasheet, you will be able to connect the new Plus model to more than one device.

We expect Galaxy Buds Plus to join the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip as part of the Unpacked event on February 11th. Other rumors suggest that when you book Samsung’s new flagship S20, a free pair of Galaxy Buds Plus will be added, in line with what the company has done with previous phone launches.