Whether the coronavirus will have an impact on the release of the iPhone SE2?

IPhone SE 2 Pic from Forbes

With the news of the spread of Coronavirus in China (and the world), it was feared that this could affect the production of various consumer goods. Apple will be one of those potentially affected by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who tells investors that their products may be affected by the use of Wuhan-based suppliers.

Unofficial sources previously claimed that Apple had recently ordered 80 million phones, of which 15 million could be the iPhone SE2 / iPhone 9. along with Tim Cook’s testimony, would be delayed by analysts’ Affordable iPhone model. However, Foxconn, Apple’s leading iPhone production partner, denied that production delays would occur, and this final order would be processed on time.

Although there is no specific reference to the new and unheard-of iPhone, it would be reasonable to assume that if it were part of the order, it would still be valid for a March announcement. All this is speculation due to the lack of official sources. Accurate for iPhone 9 approval, Apple order size, and Foxconn notification.

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The iPhone SE2 / iPhone 9 is expected to be supported by Apple’s brand new SoC A13 with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB and 128 GB storage options. With the expected $ 400 retail price, it will be a more modern alternative to the old iPhone 8, which is still available at the entry end of Apple’s series.