Xiaomi new front camera patent
Mi Mix 2 with bottom selfie cam

The appearance of the front camera often makes it difficult for manufacturers to deploy smartphones without bezels. Spotted in Letsgodigital, Xiaomi recently registered a patent for a front camera with a unique position. There are two designs, one of which is placing two front cameras on the notch at the bottom of the screen.

Credit: Letsgodigital

This design certainly makes the phone looks upside down because the selfie camera is usually placed at the top of the screen. That is at Mi Mix 2 which puts the selfie camera on the bottom bezel of the screen.

Then the second one is no less unique, the two selfie cameras are each placed at the bottom corner of the screen. It is not clear what motivates Xiaomi to register this patent.

Credit: Letsgodigital

This camera position was previously criticized because it feels awkward and makes it difficult to use the front camera. The smartphone must be rotated 180 degrees when used for selfie because. If it is not rotated, the composition of the photo will feel strange because the camera position is not parallel to the eyes.

However, this patent registration does not mean Xiaomi will make a smartphone with that design. Especially when they have a solution to hide the front camera, which is on Mi Mix 3, which uses a slider design to hide the selfie camera.